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Weed Control and Fertilization in Columbiana, OH

Pro Turf takes a complete approach to weed control and fertilization services. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we utilize a 5-step process, which includes a variety of fertilization and weed control treatments. Contact us today!

Our Treatment Process

The first step is a treatment including pre-emergent weed control, which is essential to controlling crabgrass, as well as a balanced fertilizer. The second treatment includes fertilizer with broadleaf weed control. During the third treatment, we will use a balanced fertilizer and target grubs that might be destroying your lawn, as well as weeds when necessary. For the fourth treatment, we will help your lawn recover from the summer heat and apply a broadleaf control. Finally, for the fifth treatment, we will winterize your lawn and use weed control as necessary. This process will ensure that your lawn reaches its full potential in terms of color, thickness, and health.

Lawn With Weed Control Treatment, Columbiana, OH

Improve the Beauty and Value of Your Property

Keeping your lawn in pristine condition is beneficial not only for your own enjoyment, but also that of your neighbors as well as the value of your property. Whether you’re currently trying to sell your home or you simply want to keep your neighborhood’s property value up, regular lawn care, weed control, and fertilization services are important. Our team takes the time to determine what your lawn needs and uses effective solutions and methods to make your property look immaculate in no time. Reach out to us to schedule weed control, lawn care, or fertilization in Columbiana, OH.

Allow Us to Provide Full Prevention and Treatment for Your Lawn

If you wait for your lawn to display signs of trouble, it’s often already too late to prevent further damage. The best way to prevent dry, brown, or patchy-looking grass is to treat your lawn throughout the year with a variety of enriching and preventative services. Our experienced team uses several different methods to prevent pests, provide proper nutrients, protect your lawn during winter, and control weed growth throughout the year. Count on us to keep your property looking vibrant and healthy. We even specialize in installing top-of-the-line sprinkler systems.

Contact us to discuss your needs or schedule services with our team. We are proudly based in Columbiana, Ohio.